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Home Stay

At Advantage English School E/J, we are committed to providing the best home stay experience possible for our students as they study English and enjoy Whistler Life. All of our home stay families are carefully chosen and have established rapport within the community so students can feel at home and worry-free for the duration of of their stay.

Everyone is Welcome…

Through our homestay program, you will learn English through natural integration and will be able to experience real Canadian living. Fully immerse yourself in your studies in class then reinforce what you have learned the natural way–by being part of a Canadian family. Our host families are friendly, helpful and eager to welcome you into their homes. Experience the true north lifestyle and take with you fond memories of Whistler wherever you go.

In addition to daily activities, one of the most important aspects of a home stay experience is the time spent chatting to your host family at mealtime. In this regard, it is important to preplan your daily schedule and depending on your preferences, you have the options of 1-3 meals per day.

* Students should let us know as soon as possible if they wish to do a home stay, as space is limited.

* If students need to leave home stay family, students must provide one month notice.

The following Facilities are included:

– Wireless Internet
– Phone
– Washer/Dryer
– Kitchen Utensils

For homestay prices click here. If you have any questions regarding our homestay program please contact us.


Our own dormitory (Canadian Log House)is located at Whistler Cay Heights,  only a 2 minute walk from Whistler Village making it a popular choice for our students. You will have easy access to shops, restaurants and the mountains.

*Private and shared rooms are available.

*Please note that since space is limited there may be a chance that students may not be able to stay in their desired choice of room.

*If students need to leave the dormitory, students must provide  one month notice.


Dormitory Loghouse in Whistler Cay Heights

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom (bed, sheets, blankets, pillows etc.)
  • Bathroom
  • Wireless Internet, Wi-Fi
  • Phone
  • TV/VCR
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Kitchen Utensils

For dormitory pricing click here.

We have a Sexual Misconduct Policy, please see the School Policy

If you have any questions regarding our accomodation please contact us.

Accommodation Fees

Advantage English School E/J Accommodations Fees


Dormitory Fees:

As of April 1st, 2020, the rent for Dormitory will be as follows:

Private Room per month  /  per person $1,000.-
Share Room (Max. 4) per month  /  per person $    825.-
Dormitory Placement fee $      75.-
1 week per person $230.-
2 weeks per person $480.-
3 weeks per person $700.-
  • Private Rooms are available for monthly rentals only.
  • Dormitory Placement fee (non-refundable)
  • Extra stay one night $35.-


High-speed Internet, Wi-Fi,  Telephone, Washing machine, Dryer, Television, VCR, utilities, and appliances are included.

Homestay Fees:
Home Stay
Private Room per week  /  per person $350.-
Home Stay placement fee One time $250.-
* Minimum stay is 2 weeks. *The price include 2 meals per day(other meal options are available). Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs.

Season Passes & Lift Tickets

Season Pass(2019/2020)

Unlimited Season Pass: for Whistler/Blackcomb only.


Epic Pass: Whistler Blackcomb plus the best resorts across North America and Australia, includes limited access to Sun Valley, Snowbasin, and Rusutsu, Japan(Hakuba) written in US Dollars.


Spirit Pass: If you have a working holiday visa, you can get a spirit pass through your work. Get more info or register at whistlerchamber.com


Whistler Working Holiday

whistler working holiday

Host venue of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler is the ultimate destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Skiers and snowboarders are drawn to the charm and beauty of the mountains and its’ amazing culture. Come experience a once in a lifetime opportunity and a chance to work and enjoy all that Whistler has to offer.


Course Objective

The purpose of work experience is to provide an opportunity to students and other members of the community to undertake work in order to:

• gain practical experience
• develop workplace and language skills
• increase self-confidence
• increase their understanding of the work involved in a particular field

Before beginning the Work Experience program it is important to make sure you have a clear objective in both your work and studies. Time outside of skiing and snowboarding is crucial and is the perfect chance to utilize all available resources, manage your time effectively, and build lasting relationships available only through the working holiday program–a truly valuable opportunity. The expectations for the participant should be clearly stated beforehand.

Language Requirements

In order to obtain employment and enter the program a minimum level of English is necessary. Participants should have at least Intermediate English ability or above. If participant is not confident in their abilities it is recommended that students take a 2-3 month period of language development or workplace language review course so that there is a smooth transition into the workplace environment. After entering into the English language school, we will personalize a program for you by discussing your own unique goals and expectations so that you get the most out of your time in Whistler.
Why choose Advantage E/J school:

●All of our teachers are experienced professionals who are fully dedicated to helping you with your language progression.

●Our teachers must have at least minimum BA are MA and a minimum of 5 years teaching experience with focus on TESL and language acquisition.

●Staff and counsellors you will give you the best guidance with career counselling and resume building

●Prior students have had rise in TOEIC scores of up to 20% from prior records

●All of our teachers and staff are there to help welcome you into the community with ease.

●With over 35 years of establishment in Whistler, our school has associations with many local associations and groups within the community.

●Two dormitory options are available for students with convenient locations and fabulous modern Canadian-style living and amenities included.

We are happy to celebrate our 10th anniversary in the coming year. Advantage E/J school offers you the opportunity to review and expand on your skills in a charming environment and small class structure. For language improvement, we believe in full language immersion.


The work experience program allows for the following types of Job oppotunities
●Whistler hosts a variety of International cuisine: Italian, French, Continental, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Fast food, etc.
●Sports shops: ski, snowboard, bike, rental shops
●Gift shops, grocery stores, drugstores, spas, hair salons, etc.
●Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts
●Mountain Jobs(Whistler and Blackcomb Mts.)


We will work with you to develop and perfect your resume and portfolio in order to appeal to potential employers.

●Cover Letter
●Resume (resume)

Educational background (in order whose year is new entry)
Employment history (in order whose year is new entry)
Specialties and Qualifications
References (previous Managers or Employer referrals)

Click here Information for Working Holiday English Course


Among the financial institutions located in Whistler, the following banks will accept international clients:
Royal Bank, TD (Toronto Dominion) Bank In order to set up an account you will need a passport, SIN Number

How to obtain SIN Number and Why is it required?

In order to obtain employment in Canada, a SIN number is required. For those wanting to work immediately after entering the country, you should apply ahead of time. For applications, the office in Whistler is located on the 2nd floor of the Chamber of Commerce however, if you would like same day registration, it is recommended that you go to Vancouver or Squamish offices.

How to get a cheap season’s pass?

Two options are available for people who want to save on their seasons passes. The first is the Spirit Pass which you can obtain if you work at a company which is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. A full price pass would cost $1,299.- Tax  The Spirit Pass usually little cheaper. The Early Bird pass which must be registered before October 8th. This option is convenient for those who have not yet secured a job for the winter. You may also apply for the Early Bird from online on the Whistler Blackcomb website by credit card.


The last few years has seen an increase in people staying and living in Whistler all year long. Whistler has become a full four season resort, surrounded by natural beauty and activities to enjoy a comfortable life. Since most people come to Whistler in November, there is often difficulty in finding accommodation. It is recommended if possible to begin your search for accommodations starting September to November in order to secure a place to stay. Resources such as Pique magazine Newspaper or the Whistler Question, JP Canada, Craigslist, Kijiji are available. Depending on location private rooms start at $900. – shared room $800.- (electricity/hydro, phone, wifi, furniture and linens included) prior to moving in usually a deposit of half of a full months’ rent is required and will be paid back after moving out as long as there is no damages.

Bus System

Whistler Transit bus is a full-time bus service running approximately every 15 minutes depending on location and season. The price is $2.50 per trip or$22.50 for a pack of 10 tickets, monthly passes are $50.- or a 6month pass $270.- or a 1 year pass $510.-

Cell Phone

It is important to have a contact number in order for prospective employers to contact you.
There are a few cell phone companies in Whistler Telus, Bell and Windmibile Mobility. In order to set up an account, you must have a credit card and proper ID and/ passport.


Minimum wage is decided with Labor Standard Law with an hourly wage starting at $12. – in British Columbia. Some industries such as serving also have additional tips supplementing this rate. Wages differ depending upon service but generally the $12. – ~$13. – is average. Salary is different depending upon the workplace and pay day is usually every month or 2 payments (Semi – monthly). A bank account is necessary as salary is paid with check and income taxes, unemployment insurance and annuity etc are deducted (most deductions are repaid in the final tax returns at year’s end). To view more information about labor laws go to the Labor Standard Law of BC website:

Post Office

The main post office is located in Market Place. You will receive a mailbox key and address that you may use at your convenience.

Whistler Weather

Temperature (Annual Averages)






































Time difference
Daylight-savings time (April ~ October) from the first Sunday in April to last Saturday of October
Winter time (October ~April) starts from the last Sunday of October to the first Saturday in April