Happy Holidays☆

December 21st, 2019

What a way to end the year with a Christmas party bringing together friends, family, students teachers and Ryder the school’s dog!  Jingle and Mingle was the theme and it all came together with everyone having to reveal their most embarrassing moments—Who knew we had such amazing chefs? Happy Holiday everyone!

Another hiking day to Logger’s Lake

August 30th, 2019

One of the highlights of our summer was a hiking trip through the forest to Logger’s Lake. This lake was created by a volcanic eruption which created a crater which was filled with water to become a lake. One of the characteristics of this pristine lake is a field of basalt which are rocks that were created when hot ash covered trees. Although it is marked as a black diamond trail, even students who were not used to hiking were able to come along with the help of Pat who knows the area well. Two dogs followed along and were wonderful companions. We were able to take a little break from the routine but practiced speaking English and our Tourism and Hospitality students discussed the experience in relation to their studies about what kind of visitors they would recommend this hike to. Another extremely fun field trip for our students to add to their list of memories in Canada.



Advantage Tourism and Hospitality(Work and Study)Program updated!

July 7th, 2019

Students in Advantage’s Tourism and Hospitality (Work and Study) Program are doing such an amazing job every day. They are always eager to learn and put so much effort into their studies. One of the recent assignments was to showcase their home country and both were excellent and informative. Benny from Mexico showed us a special dance wearing traditional clothing which she handstitched by herself! Talk about participation! Fabulous work!Inquiry:info@advantage-ej.com


Hiking to Train Wreck!

May 23rd, 2019

Fresh green beautiful May, a nice time to take a hike. This time we hiked to the Train Wreck, located south of Whistler and close to the Cheakamus River.It is less than 30 minutes and one of the easier hikes you can do close to town. After hiking, we were able to re-energize with Setsuko’s sushi and Pat’s chocolate cookies. A perfect way to spend the day!

Fun Day with Teacher!

April 6th, 2019

It sure goes by quickly! We are now in April and the ski season is coming to an end. Friday was the perfect time to go for a ski with teacher Pat. Nothing is better than practicing your English skills while you are having a blast skiing and snowboarding! Another awesome day to add to the list for Advantage English School students!