Letters from Graduates

We would like to introduce some letters and experiences from Advantage English School E/J School’s graduates.

Message from Jerome

Goodbye Whistler! I’ve had a good time here!!! I’ve never seen so much powder!!! In school there was a great atmosphere! Thanks very much Setsuko and my dear teacher Angie! Thanks a lot to the “Japanese team” Thanks to the Dagg family!
I’am so happy to meet you! I’ll miss you! See you!…Jerome : Swiss, Male, 3 months from Jan 2011, ESL Part-Time

So much fun in your school and parties!

Hi Setsuko!! Say good bye to you and tell you that I enjoy a lot and had so much fun in your school and parties. I will leave full of good memories. Thanks for all.Roger : Spanish, Male, 2 months from Feb 2009, ESL Part-Time

Major experience of my life!

Hi Setsuko!!! Thank you for everything. It has been a major experience of my life. It was a pleasure to be a student of the school. I hope that you will remember me. Thank you. Ivan : Spanish, Male, 2 months from Feb 2009, ESL Part-Time

Teachers and the Director are friendly

One of the good points of this school is that teachers and the director are friendly. You can always feel at home. Because the classes have only a small number of students, the teacher listens to each of us individually. Director helped me to get the CASI level 1. She also fixed me up with a job and I’ve really enjoyed working here in Whistler, though I still have difficulty with English sometimes. It’s been good knowing many people from different countries through this school and my job. I’ve had a good time with the TRIBAL SKI TEAM members. I would like to express my appreciation for this school! Kana Kato : Japanese, Female, 3 months from Feb 2005, ESL Part-Time

The teacher is like my brother

What a lovely school this is! I was only here for a month but I really enjoyed taking the class. Even though I was at class I felt at home. The teacher, Daniel, is like my brother. I alway bring and ask questons. Daniel is GOOOOD and takes good care of students individually. About discussion, we all like talking about skiing, snowboarding, weather and snowcondition, so the talk is spontaneous. I like it. Everyday it was different. I screwd up my snowboard season this year. It sucked but I had a good time here. I wish I could stay more and there was a school like Advantage E/J in my town. I’m looking forward to coming back here someday. Finally I want to thank all of this school’s staff and students. I really enjoyed it a lot. I hope you all will have a good time.Takashi Fukai : Japanese, Female, 1 month from Dec 2004, ESL Part-Time

Talking over a cup of coffee!

ESL Class

Gingerbread House

Snowboarding with local pro rider