Admission Requirements

Before admission to Advantage English School E/J can be granted, the following requirements must be met:

  1. All applicants must be 16 years and older.
  2. To be admitted to Advantage English School E/J, applicants must qualify as either a domestic or an international student.
  3. Students must complete the payment. Payment is due 30 days prior to the starting day of the course.
  4. All students have valid medical insurance for their study period.


Advantage Work and Study(Tourism and Hospitality) Program
  1. Student must be a high school graduate. For those under 19, it is required that the student have two notarized documents. a custodianship declaration form and a copy of passport. All students must show proof of graduation from high school. If a student’s mother tongue is English or if he/she has a high school leaving certificate from an English institution, he/she does not need to show proof of proficiency in English.
  2. All others must  demonstrate that they have an intermediate level of English. This can be demonstrate through taking Advantage School EJ’s online or in-person Placement Test  which has four parts: conversation, reading and grammar, reading comprehension, and writing. It is required that the student achieve 70%  of this test,  In lieu of the Placement tests, students may be exempted if they show proof of one of the following minimum levels in a standardized test: IELTS – Level 5, TOEFL – iBT 52-64, Cambridge -PET(MERIT), TOEIC Listening-400 Reading-385 If applicant fails to meet the minimum requirement: the student may register in Advantage School EJ’s English Program until they are able to achieve the required level of English to be admitted to the Tourism and Hospitality Program.
  3. Tuition payment due:
  • First installment: 50% of the total tuition and material fees must be paid to the start date of the first course or when CIC visa is granted.
  • Second installment: the remaining 50% of total tuition and materials fees will be due after 6 month from the start of the program.

4. All students have valid medial insurance for their study period.


All applicant must read and accept Advantage English School E/J policies. Please see for detail  – School Policy